Wibke Albrecht
Equestrian Art
Wibke Albrecht

    After gaining my university-entrance diploma I started studying to become an art teacher at the university of Kiel.
    I come from a middle-class background and didn’t dare to fully commit to the fine arts. Unsatisfied with my decision
    to become a teacher, I started working at Radio and TV stations and ended up in the music industry. After becoming
    a certified master of event engineering, I began to travel the world with bands as their sound engineer.

    It thrilled me to create sound impressions. The musicians trusted my tastes and soon I almost exclusively worked
    abroad, mainly in London and New York.

    However, fine arts weren’t lost on me. I created record covers, signs for night clubs and event boats.

    In 2011 I mixed the sound for the biggest music show in the world, The Eurovision Song Contest. A goal had been
    reached, but a chapter closed at the same time.

    I met my husband Dirk and moved to the countryside with him. We have two sons, Ulf and Olaf. And I am painting
    again now.

    My life has always been led at a fast pace with a lot of strength and passion. It took a while until I found the right path
    to my paintings. They are colourful and very dynamic and I think they reflect my character.


2018 Wibke Albrecht